The Spherist: Store brand & location marketeer

“The Spherist is always hunting for latest trends and creates clever commercial concepts”.

We provide STORE BRAND and location MARKETING.

Refreshing retail
Our fifty cents:

  • branding brainstorms
  • store concept: what's hot, what's not?
  • location marketing: shopping malls, stores-in-stores, airports

Places, products & brands

  • store formula: exhaustive analysis, thorough advice
  • client experience: mystery shopping, customer loyalty programs
  • design: art-installations for interior and location
  • marketing: pop-up & concept stores, events, expositions
  • sales: lead generation & sales process improvement


  • international inspirational trips to hotspots
  • brainstorming tracks & trending lifestyle topics in international leading locations
  • tailored total-support for organizations in change
  • creating green concepts for offices, stores, lobbies and other spaces

Meet the Spherist

The Spherist creates and improves the right atmospheres in spaces to attract people and to have them enjoy their stay.

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  • Nathalie Jager
    Store brand & location marketeer

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